• Exhibition

    2017 China international textile fabrics and accessories ;Autumn and winter ;The exposition is wonderful.

            On October 11, 2017, Chinas international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) exposition was held in Shanghai.The exhibition of the "international, brand, professional" as the theme, open up the market as the main line, brand promotion for the direction.Compared to the previous year, the new start-up color spinning series, colorful womens fabric series, formal dress series, police duty series and so on.The exhibits are made from the fabric to the finished product.There is a great deal of innovation and promotion in the quantity, content or display of the exhibits.Fully embodies the "scale, specialization, internationalization" positioning.

            At the same time, in the yarn exhibition, the company also focused on the lan (Tian, Mo Daier) series, ma series, color spinning series, Yang series, di series, cotton blend series, pure cleaning series.Human cotton series, acrylic series.A comprehensive interpretation of Ao Huas outstanding achievements in the field of yarn.

            For three days, the exhibition has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign merchants to visit, to visit and discuss cooperation.

    The highlight of the spinning show.