• Exhibition

    National textile and fabric museum member activities-catching quality tree brand to promote development.

            In the afternoon of March 5, 2016, the national textile and fabric museum of more than 40 high-quality members of the textile industry elite to visit and exchange.

            In general manager Fang Zhaoxiangs "innovation, quality and brand" keynote speech, the official entry of the dialogue.In the speech, the party always focuses on promoting product innovation as the core business of the company, constantly improving the quality of products, creating brands with innovative and quality products and winning the market.

            After the national textile information center deputy director Fu Guangwei, Tianhong (China) market director Guo Min, supply chain professionals Liu Xiaohui, mina textile general manager Wei Changjun,.Se network science and technology Luo Teng also made the question for "to meet the future production and supply mode change", "textile market trends", "from the terminal perspective textile industry,".Quality and quality industry transfer of thought, "the textile industry in the Internet information technology in the future" speech.

            Through the interaction between the same industry, the discussion and other ways, to share the experience of success, better adapt to the development of the new situation, and meet new challenges.

    1. Visit the factory.

    2. Visit the exhibition center.

    3. Meetings of the discussion.